January 30, 2009

Snow Days 6 & 7

Yesterday we went over to Cara's house to hang out. We got there around 11:30 and stayed until 5pm! The kids went sledding on her driveway. We ate lunch and played the Wii. The kids also watched a movie and played. It was fun and nice to get out of our house. Today we went to the mall for a couple hours and walked around. The boys played and we ate lunch. It was nice to get out again. Everything is starting to melt because the sun is shining. I've been pretty lazy during these 5 snow days. Havne't done much. Not necessarily proud of the list but here's what I've done:
-caught up on Grey's (1 episode)
-almost caught up on Desparate Housewives (2 down, 1 to go)
- spent a lot of time on the internet- Google Reader, Facebook, email
- watched several episodes of Friends
- Slept in 2 days
- taken 1 nap
- made dinner every night except Wednesday
- cleaned the highchair
- played/hung out with the boys
- made waffles 2 mornings and egg sandwiches 1 morning
- took a walk on Monday before all the ice. Sorry team, that's the only day I hit 10,000 steps :(
- played Wii bowling, tennis, and guitar hero
- walked around the mall
-talked to my mom on the phone
- a little Mary kay work
-finished a book

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