January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Wilson!

Wilson is 5 years old!!
I can't believe it! That sounds all grown up to me...no longer a baby or a toddler or anything! He is a big boy! He has had a great birthday. On Monday he was able to take a treat to preschool (no cupcakes allowed) so he chose Bomb Pops (popsicles). He had a birthday crown and they sang to him. He was so happy that afternoon and told me all about it! Today he woke up to find a Happy Birthday sign with streamers on the front door along with a card from his beloved Aunt Stephanie. When I got home from school he received his gift from Andy and I - a new bicycle. Hate to say it but he was dissapointed that it wasn't legos. In the end he became excited. I took him for a bike ride in the freezing temperatures! He chose pancakes and sausage for dinner. We put a candle in his pancake and sang Happy Birthday to him. I made a simple chocolate cake with cool whip icing for tonight. We put 5 candles in the cake and sang again! On Saturday he has his birthday party. So tomorrow and Friday night I'll be working on the Fire Truck cake using a Wilton pan. Wish me luck!


Gayla said...

Why no cupcakes at school?

Alyssa said...

Not exactly sure...I think it is a healthy snack policy or something. You can bring cookies with limited frosting or popsicles but no cake/cupcakes on b-days. On other snack days the snack has to meet certain health requirements too. I guess they're trying to be healthy!