January 3, 2009

Try, try again!

So I decided there was still some good name brand stuff in those bags I took to Once Upon a Child. I had also noticed they were already buying spring/summer clothes. So this morning I finished up my 0-9month clothes organizing by making 4 piles. Goodwill, spring consignment sale, fall consignment sale, and a pile for 1 more trip to the consignment store. I had two grocery bags this time and only name brand stuff. A winter bag (with clothes I took there yesterday!) and a spring bag. They bought most of it this time for $19!! The only things they didn't buy were pieces that didn't make an outfit. Ha! Showed them! I guess they didn't look at all the clothing I brought in yesterday. So here's my consignment store advice if you want them to buy your stuff:
- name brand
- outfits
- don't take too much at one time
And now I'm a step ahead for the consignment sales at our local churches! I've already got the stuff in the tubs. Will just have to hang, label, price etc.

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