January 24, 2009

One Lucky Lady!

So yesterday was the big one- the big 3-0! And it was a totally terrific day! I have some wonderful friends and family in my life! Here's a rundown of my fabulous birthday:
-I woke up to find two cards made by Wilson and Luke. Wilson had WRITTEN Happy Birthday Mommy Love Wilson!! Luke had drawn me a nice picture.
- Went to school and my teammates had hung a Happy Birthday banner on my bulletin board in the hallway and a sign on my door frame. There was a birthday cake in the lounge that was delicious and they ordered in lunch to celebrate my b-day! I chose sandwiches from LB.
- Last night Andy and I went to eat at a local restaurant SG and LOVED it! I loved the atmosphere, the food, everything! I want to go back already. My sister was keeping the boys...so I thought!! After dinner we went to pick up the boys and there was a surprise party at Cara's! There were tons of friends and family there and it was wonderful to see everyone. I felt really loved!
All in all it was a GREAT day! Andy let me sleep in this morning so that was heavenly. I can handle 30! I'm so happy with where I am in life and know that there are tons more wonderful things to look forward too! Thank you for making my day so special!

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sarah said...

What a great surprise!! Happy Birthday!