January 25, 2009

Tyler Loves Rice Cereal!

So this past week Ty tried rice cereal for the first time. Boy is he ready to eat! He loved the cereal on the very first bite. He just kept smacking his lips and opening his mouth for more. I was so surprised because Wilson and Luke weren't very interested in cereal the first few tries. I remember them making a face and spitting it back out. Not Tyler! He kept eating it and slurping it off the spoon. He smiles when he eats his cereal now. This weekend I've been trying to do cereal with his morning and early evening feeding. The past 2 nights Tyler has slept from the 10 o'clock feeding until sometime between 2-3am!! Then he eats and sleeps until the 6:30-7am feeding!! So it looks like we've cut out one of the middle of the night feedings. THANK GOODNESS!!


kara Forston said...

He is so cute! We're starting cereal in a couple weeks...hard to believe they're already old enough!

Curtis and Tricia said...

He doesn't need the in between feeding b/c he stores the rice cereal in those cheeks for a late night snack!! He is so stinkin' cute!!