January 16, 2009

Doctor Check-Ups

5 Year Old Check-Up
Wilson did great at his dr check-up. We were thrilled to find out that this appointment brought no shots. He had already had his flu shot. We have our Immunization Certificate and School Entry form for Kindergarten this fall!! I can't believe Wilson is getting so big!! Wilson is 44" tall (70th percentile) and 45 lbs (76th percentile). He was healthy and his BMI was good! This is a picture of Wilson at our nearby Arboretum.

3 Year Old Check-Up
Luke also did great at his dr check-up! He was happy to have zero shots as well! Luke is 38 1/2" tall (68th percentile) and weighs 35 1/2 lbs (83rd percentile). He definitely has a pooh belly! However, his BMI was good and he is healthy! His tubes are sitting in the ear canal, they haven't fallen completely out but aren't doing anything either. He is completely potty trained. Next step: get rid of the passy for nap/bed time! Luke got his first set of Lego's after his dr checkup!

4 Month Old Check-Up

Our biggest baby ever had his check-up this week too! He is happy and healthy and Dr. I was thrilled with our report from CCH. He had already gotten a report as well. Tyler wasn't as lucky as his brothers. He had 3 shots but handled them well! With those thunder thighs maybe it wasn't as bad. Ty is 27" long (96th percentile) and weighed 18lbs 12 oz (96th percentile)! He's a big boy! Tyler is still waking up to eat every three hours day or night. It is KILLING me to wake up this much every night when my alarm goes off so early. Andy has started helping me the last few days with giving Ty a bottle before he goes to bed. This means I've gotten up to feed him 1 time instead of 2. Dr. I said we could try cereal in the evening to see if it helps him sleep longer. Not sure if I want to start it this early or not. We waited till 6 months with both of the others. His head circumference is in the 88th percentile. In the picture Tyler was really eyeing my cheesecake!! These boys might eat us out of house and home as they get older!


Curtis and Tricia said...

I think he stored some of that cheesecake in his cheeks!!

Sarah said...

LOL, I thought Caleb was big! He was exactly 18 lbs 12 oz at his six month check up(and 28.5 inches). Glad everyone is well!!!