January 14, 2009

Watching TV Shouldn't = Hard Work!

So the other night Andy and I taped How I Met Your Mother to watch after Andy got home from a meeting. Yes I said taped. Don't laugh! We don't have cable yet! We are considering getting cable after we pay off our heating system and siding debt. Almost there, then we'll look into cable. Anyway. So we sat down to watch the show. Andy rewinded the tape and hit play. There was no sound. The mute button had been turned on through the cable box. (Not sure if it's called a cable box. It's that new thing you have to have to get tv channels now without cable). So we proceeded to sit through the entire show (about 25 minutes) reading the captions. It took effort! When it was over we were both like shew! That wasn't relaxing! The captions moved so fast and then you couldn't look at the picture. Glad watching tv isn't usually that much work!

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