July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Madelyn!!

Madelyn turns FIVE years old today! We had a fun time celebrating this morning. My mom, dad, Terry, Andy and I took the 4 kids to see a movie this morning. For $2.00 each we got admission to the movie, a kids drink and a kids popcorn. They saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was fun! Then we left and went to McDonald's for lunch and playing. Tonight we're meeting up for a picnic and live music at the park. My dad is playing with the band. It will be lots of fun!

Edited to Add:

At the park we had a delicious picnic, the kids had strawberry birthday cake and Madelyn got to open some presents. My mom and I took the kids over to the playground for a little while and we enjoyed some great music! I think Madelyn had a fantastic birthday!


Shawna, Scott & Lainie said...

I want details about this cheap movie!!! where did you go? :) S-

Cara said...

Thanks for helping make Madelyn's birthday special while we are gone! I'm so happy we had her party before we left - that is making it much easier on me!

Cara said...

Thanks so much for the pictures! It looks like she had a great day.